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The following images are visualizations of various graphs made using Hypercube. The SVG versions should be displayed by the browser, the EPS versions are available as download links. All the graphs used here can be found in the data directory of Hypercube.

The examples can be generated with the CLI version of Hypercube using a simple shell script.

tree20 [EPS]

Grid [EPS]

g15 [EPS]

tree20 projected to g20 [EPS]

2 x 3-cube [EPS]

4-cube [EPS]


Colored graph [EPS] and its minimal colored spanning tree [EPS]

String node ID example [EPS]


Cyrilic [EPS] and latin2 [EPS] support examples

AT&T graphs gallery

A graph gallery of over 1000 directed graphs with 10 to 50 nodes from the AT&T graph data set generated using hypercube from the GraphML files available at www.graphdrawing.org.